Food for Fun raises over 1200 lbs of food!

In June 2011, LocoLanding launched the “Food for Fun” program with our local School District. The program invited every Grade 3 student to come to LocoLanding for one hour of FUN in exchange for food bank donations. Their hour of fun included mini-golf, bumper boats and spider mountain!

Our goal was to increase local Foodbank donations with the help of young hands. In exchange for their trip to LocoLanding we asked students to bring as many Foodbank donations as they could – and to get creative about raising their donations!

The program saw 400 students participate bringing over 1500 donations for our local food bank – over 1200 lbs of food!! Teachers agreed that the “Food for Fun” program promoted team work, an awareness of others and a sense of community for all of our Grade 3 students!

We look forward to continuing this annual program!