Always Learning & Growing

Our new Sky Trek Ropes Course trainees with RCI's Amie Murphy.

One of the keys to business success, I believe, is choosing people to do business with that you truly believe in. People that you could see yourself being ‘friends’ with because of their outlook on life, their care and attention to their products, the importance they place on their customers. Without exception, we’ve had that experience with RCI, the manufacture of our new Sky Trek Ropes Course. And meeting another one of RCI’s team members today once again reinforced our decision.

Today was Day 1 of our three-day training, where high-energy Amie Murphy trained our new Ropes Course staff (and Dustin & I). We knew we’d learn in more detail the topics covered in our 120 page manual in order to safely operate this new amazing attraction. What we didn’t expect was the passion behind the brand. Amie, who’s been with the company from early on, loves her company and her job! And that’s because the company is so focused on quality and safety. Words like redundancy, procedure and responsibility were used over and over.

At RCI you won’t find ONE of anything – everything is doubled for redundancy – for the ultimate in safety. And we couldn’t be more confident in our decision to invest in the best – a company that puts it’s priority where it should be, instead of on the ‘stuff’ that so many companies get distracted by.

Amie said something today that aligns exactly with LocoLanding – their company is always learning and growing in order to be even better. And that’s exactly what has made LocoLanding the amazing place it is. We’re also always learning and growing, always reinvesting, to bring you the ultimate experience. Plus we have a TON of fun doing it!! (Just like our new partner, RCI).

(PS: We’ll be practicing Emergency Take Downs tomorrow after 5PM- will be quite the sight if you want to watch from outside the gates!)