Inspections and Training!

Kurt inspecting every single component of our Ropes Course.

We finished building the Ropes Course last week – it was 6 days of intense and exhausting work by the crew of Solara Homes. These guys, who are used to heavy lifting and building, were crashing by 9PM! We believe it’s pretty indicative of how exhilarating it is to be SKY HIGH at LocoLanding!

Before the course can officially open we have to pass two final critical elements:
1. Course Inspection
2. Course Training

Kurt from Michigan flew up this past week to inspect every single bolt, washer and piece of the course (there were 4804 pieces & over 1613′ of rope). We were VERY happy to learn that even Kurt was impressed by our work. Kurt was a fantastic guy, and very interesting too! He’s been on sixty different planes in the last two months inspecting Ropes Courses all over the world. His last inspection was for the tallest course yet, at over 85′, which is located inside a mall. As everyone that visits Penticton, Kurt fell in love with our wine country and the beauty of the area.

The Course Training will start this week – 3 days of intensive training where our eight new teen staff will be mastering ETD’s in under two minutes. One month ago I had no idea what an ETD was (!) and by the end of this week we’ll all be skilled in it.  It’s Emergency Take Downs which means we need to be able to get someone off the course safely should they freeze or have an emergency. We are looking forward to meeting Amie, who will fly in from Michigan, to train us. So if you take a drive by this week and see a number of teens climbing around the Ropes Course you’ll know why! Don’t they have the BEST jobs ever?!