Thousands of little things really add up!

Our Sky Trek Ropes Course arrived on a truck all the way from Michigan this week! It took 36 hours of travel time over 5 days, rolling into the LocoLanding parking lot at 6AM. Mike, the harley-driving-avid-photographer-really-great-guy-truck-driver, was a bit taken a back by our excitement when it arrived!

Our course is manufactured by Ropes Courses Inc. While our course is massive to us, they have done MUCH larger courses including most recently one on top of a cruise ship where their “walk-the-plank” actually has customers walking out over the ocean, 13+ stories above! Even though we are small(er) this company has been fantastic to work with. And when I asked today for the exact number of parts they shipped, it only took their amazing Marketing Guru Shawn less than 3 hours to wrangle the teams to figure out the answer!

They counted the number columns, overheads, platforms, elements, nuts, bolts and widgets.

They shipped 4,807 pieces!

And it’s our job to put them together, piece by piece, based on their very detailed plans. The result will be the first Ropes Course installation in BC and Penticton is EXCITED! These 4807 pieces will push people beyond their limits, challenge their greatest fears, bring teams together, and will create so many memories!