The Heart of Teens

Leadership Students from PenHi lending a hand.

I’ve always believed that teens get a bad rap in communities. I’ve heard people say teens don’t have values anymore, they are too distracted by technology, too connected to devices, not aware… and I always say “Not in Penticton!”

Not only do we have almost fifty teen staff at the heart of our business – but with our recent LocoLanding Easter Egg Hunt we asked teens to help in all aspects of this charity event. And once again, I was impressed. Some highlights include:

1. 40 grade nine students from the Leadership Program at Penticton Secondary High School met at 7AM to place chocolate into each of the 10,000 easter eggs used at the event.
2. 35 teens volunteered their time to assist at the event – of those were 11 of our LocoLanding staff.
3. Our faithful Easter Bunny was a past LocoLanding staff member who really made the children’s faces light up!
4. At one point I needed additional hands and pulled in two teens that were participating with their younger sibling. They immediately rolled up their sleeves, without hesitation.

They all showed up on time, with a big smile on their face and truly made this event – they gave it ‘community’ spirit. They weren’t on their phones, they weren’t too busy, they weren’t distracted – they were present. And they should all be thanked and held up as a reflection of what this generation is truly like.

Teens will surprise you.  You have to believe in them AND empower them so they can truly rise to occasion. I challenge other businesses to find opportunity for teens – not only does it make us a more connected community but it gives them the ability to grow their skill set through hands on experience.

I would also like to thank the businesses that made this event possible: SuperStore, Investors Group and Chris Hawkins,  Home Hardware, ValleyFirst, IGA Marketplace, Morpheus Graphics, FitKidz Gymnastics, S.S.Sicamous, our event organizer Kelly Hall, Camelia Vokey, Miss Teen Okanagan World Amy Piquette, the volunteers from OSNS, and our fantastic entertainer Mat Duffus 100% of the proceeds benefited OSNS Child Development Center.