Thank you!

I am (kind of) shocked that as I write this blog post I realize my last one was early June. Without a doubt, when we enter our season – the onsite customer experience & safety is ALL we think about. We spend very little time in the office and all of our time in the park. We love meeting all the amazing families that come to LocoLanding and spending time getting to know them. We are focused on our 55 staff ensuring they are properly equipped to do the best possible job they can. We are focused on the safety and continual maintenance and up-keep at LocoLanding. And we are focused on constantly evaluating what we can do better for next year.

As I put up our closed sign I took time to reflect on the past year. And I smiled.

I was proud of our staff. Our teenagers continued to exceed expectations – many times over. For us, this is what we expect. For others it blows them away. I can’t tell you the number of times we had customers ask to speak to us to relay how impressed they were with our teens. Some even had tears of appreciation in their eyes when they described the experience their family was having. Our staff make LocoLanding what it is. Without a doubt.

I was proud that we took a risk. (and relieved!). This year we brought in our ninth attraction – the SkyTrek Ropes Course. Whenever you make a large investment in a business you are nervous, scared, doubtful. It doesn’t matter how much planning and research you do, you won’t know until your customer responds. And it was positive. So positive. Now we look forward to what we’ll do in 2015 (2014 is about reinvesting in the bones of the park, adding some cool things to the mini-golf course, purchasing new karts).

I was proud that we stayed true to our vision. We have always made a conscious effort to do things differently than the typical industry standards for Amusement Parks. We do this because we ARE different. For instance:
– Our value: we have concession profit margins far below industry standards for a reason. We feel that if you get an extra $2 for a hotdog simply because you can (due to a captive market) then our customer will feel ‘ripped off’ in the rest of the park (know the movie theatre feeling). Exceeding expectations across every single aspect of our business is what we focus on – and hopefully we continue to hit the mark. And if not, we appreciate you letting us know.
– Our staff: we use an online schedule software program that allows our staff to have complete flexibility in their summer. If they have a concert they want to go to, a family vacation or a big soccer tournament – we want to ensure they can. Our staff manage their time – and in exchange for that we have very few instances where staff aren’t on time for their shift. And they aren’t forced to give up a passion or precious family time in the summer.
– Our community: we believe that in our off-sesason we should do whatever we can to support our local community. Two of our most successful programs (Annual Easter Egg Hunt and our Annual Grade 3 Food for Fun) saw thousands donated to local charities. And we have two new community programs we’ll be launching next year!

And now, it’s time to think about all the areas we can improve on and what we can do better. Thank you for your support this year – we look forward to seeing everyone in 2014!!