Amazing job by our teens

After being a business owner in Vancouver for more than 10 years, I am continually amazed at how different it is to be an entrepreneur in Penticton. This past Easter Monday, LocoLanding hosted our 4th Annual Easter Fun Day – and it was a perfect example of the unbelievable generosity and community spirit that we are so fortunate to have in Penticton. We are truly a community that comes together to lend a hand, jump in with two feet and have FUN together!

Teens from Pen-hi's Grade 9 Leadership class stuffed our 10,000 eggs.

Teens from Pen-hi’s Grade 9 Leadership class stuffed our 10,000 eggs.

Over 1500 people came to LocoLanding and everyone was patient, respectful and generous to ensure fun was had for all.  The event was possible because so many local businesses donated their time and resources namely: Investors Group, Britco, DPA, MarketPlace IGA, SS Sicamous, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Tony’s Meats, Spitfires Athletic Club, Fitkidz, Glo SUP, A&W, Burger55, Penticton Recreation Centre, Investors Group, Landmark, London Drugs, MTF, Purdy’s Chocolates, Riverside Fitness, Riverside Pharmasave, Denny’s, Sun Country Bowl, True Outdoors, Classic Guitars, Andy’s Animal Acres, Jake Evans and our local community radio station So Country. Our amazing entertainment was generously donated by Mama Yay of the SuperCooligans band.

The biggest thank you is for our teens in Penticton. Over 70 teens donated their time – either through egg stuffing from the Grade 9 Penticton High School Leadership Class – or through volunteering at the 18 Easter activity stations – or from our LocoLanding employees that worked for free so that 100% of the proceeds could go to the OSNS Child Development Centre. We are proud to say that almost $6000 was raised for this fantastic local centre. A huge thank you to Cara Garnett, from OSNS, who was instrumental in the organization and event execution.

With my sincerest appreciation, thank you to our amazing teens, our generous businesses and our FUN families. You truly make this the best place to live!